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Stay warm but look as cool as!  Our striking floor standing pillar lantern is a must for styling your outdoor space. 


Available in both teak and black metal these striking pillar lanterns come complete with a top glass srurround, to protect your flames from the wind.  Standing at over metre tall, whichever colour you choose it will definitely create a dramatic light source and backdrop to your relaxing outdoor space.


So easy to use with the electric ignition. You will need a 5kg propane gas bottle, which is available from all good gas retailers. This will sit in a neat compartment at the back of the pillar. We’ve opted for propane as it is one of the cleanest fuels in terms of CO2 emission and is a by-product of both the extraction of natural gas and the refining of crude oil.


Your pillar lantern is delivered including a 30 mBar regulator with gas hose and a battery to power the ignition.


If you choose to cover your teak pillar lantern with one of our weather protectors then please remove it every now and then to allow the wood to breathe.


Please note our Furniture, Heavy Items and Fire Pits/Lanterns have a lead time of between 2 and 4 weeks.

Teak Fire Pillar Lantern with Glass Surround

SKU: 107676TVTG
  • 106cm