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It is so difficult to show the true magnificence of this spectacular framed print. The size alone makes this a truly dynamic piece of art and you cannot fail to be mesmerised by the enchanting eyes of this kind, elderly Indian gentleman. The defined detail is captivating and the colours rich with a real warmth.

A very large piece, so be sure to measure your space carefully.

The gloss finish is achieved by a bonded film and tiny air bubbles can sometimes be found on close inspection, this cannot be avoided.

Please note due to the size and delicate nature a standard courier will not accept this. We therefore need to use a specialist courier, so there will be a slightly extended delivery time. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

Oversized framed, gloss print of wise Indian man

SKU: 10079TVNM
  • 105

Please bear in mind when ordering that many of our items are designed using natural products and are hand made, hand finished and hand painted.  Products can therefore vary slightly in colour shade and shape and offer irregularities and variations that should be embraced to celebrate the craft of the artisan that made them.  Very few pieces (even the same item) are identical.

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