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Luxurious Indoor Rug - Ikat Spice

£2,255.00 - £4,795.00

Code: 107353TVTG


W: 160cm (63")L: 260cm (102.4")

Made by William Yeoward this luxury indoor rug offers exquisite quality and is the perfect addition to ooze style and sophistication in your home.

Ikat Spice is a statement of rich deep colours using an ancient Ikat design that combines earthy spice colouring  with shades of grey and sage.

This luxurious rug has been HAND knotted using lustrous bamboo yarns and with all rugs from this brand it offers and exquisite quality piece for your home. It is available in 3 sizes.

Composition 90% lustrous bamboo yarns 10% cotton

We can arrange for a treatment called ‘Aquadefence’ to be applied to your rug at the time of purchase and before delivery. Please choose stain/spill repellent from drop down menu.

This is a protective coating using advanced nanotechnology to protect your rug.  It is an eco-friendly, non-toxic formula that creates an easy clean protective coating.  The coating prevents damage from everyday spills and stains. It is an invisible barrier which effectively repels liquids, mud, dirt and prevents alcohol, oil and water stains.


Once a rug has been treated with Aquadefence it must be kept free from everyday dirt and grime by being vacuumed regularly.  If a spill does happen, it must be dealt with immediately by gently blotting the spill using white kitchen towel or a white terry towel.

Adding the treatment, can cause a slight delay to dispatch as obviously we need to send the rug off for treatment.