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Boutique Matches in Glass Bottle - White


Code: 107229TVTG


H: 14cm (5.5")Di: 6.5cm (2.6")

Do you hide your matches in a drawer? No Longer! Check out our fabulous boutique matches.  They come in three neutral colours of black tipped,  white tipped and grey tipped or a beautiful vibrant pink tipped for those of you who love to be bold. They are displayed in a gorgeous glass bottle with a cute little round glass stop. They will surely be a talking point as you display them on a kitchen shelf, beside your favourite candle or by your fireside.

The glass bottle holds approximately 100, 9cm matches and benefits from a very handy and efficient strike pad on the label.

Perfect for lighting hard to reach candle wicks and cracking winter fires and even outdoor fire pits.