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Cedar Balsam Stag Head Clear Bauble Candle Pot - Medium 3 Wick

Only £25.00

Code: 107142TVTG


H: 16cm (6.3")Di: 13cm (5.1")

This candle forms part of a new Christmas candle bauble collection and the whole range is unbelievably popular.  Here we have the medium clear glass bauble, with stags head It has a ribbed design and has a subtle mercury finish - lift off the lid and you have a lovely 3 wick candle.  We call it the scent of Christmas in a bauble!

This particular design comes only in extra large and medium.

The cedar balsam smell is utterly delicious and so reminiscent of Christmas.  These are a fantastic gift for your friends and loved ones or a perfect indulgence for yourself.

Of course afterwards you have a lovely Christmas ornament to bring out year after year or why not put your favourite smelling tea light in once the season is over - the bowl can be used all year round and just bring out the lid during the Christmas season!