Set of 4 Faux Beige Trunks with Gold Coloured Detailing

Set of 4 Faux Beige Trunks with Gold Coloured Detailing

Code: 106868TVTG


W: 68cm (26.8")H: 40cm (15.7")D: 41cm (16.1")

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A set of four very useful, decorative storage trunks.  Use all together or separate.  They feature a beige coloured faux leather with iron handles, clasps and corner detailing in a gold coloured finish.

They are super useful for a myriad of purposes, but one thing is for sure - your room will look fantastic and it will be neat and clutter free.  Use them in living areas or bedrooms. Use them in living areas to hide kids' toys, or magazines. Use them in hallway to store your shoes. Use them to store frequently used items such as your make-up, hairdryer, straightners etc or use them for infrequently used items.  Put them in your bathroom to hide your loo rolls! Put them in guest bedrooms for spare towels or leave open and display an array of magazines, books and toiletries for their use - they'll love you!  The list is endless and like we say, your room will always look great.

For information, the other trunks dimensions are:
H30 W 58 D36cm
H25 W48 D28cm
H19 W35 D22cm