Pack of 3 Real Pampas Grass - Ivory

Pack of 3 Real Pampas Grass - Ivory

Code: 107055TVTG


H: 150cm (59.1")

These are real dried grasses, they will arrive as nature grew them in slightly different lengths and with different fullness I confirm I am happy with the delivery information quoted aboveQty 

Highly popular! Pack of three natural ivory coloured pampas grass.  Place together in a vase or jar for a fluffily fabulous display! Obviously the more you group together, the fluffier your display.  These are 150cm, but can be trimmed to almost any height.

Please be mindful when ordering that these are real pampas grass, so height is approximate and does vary, the fullness of each grass will also vary and this is expected with a natural grown product.

When you receive your grasses, they will look somewhat 'lifeless' follow these instructions for a fluffy display:

  • Shake outside - you WILL loose a lot of grass, don't panic
  • Blow with a hairdryer to separate the grass