Giant, Luxury Alang Alang Diffuser 2,200ml! - Ebony

Giant, Luxury Alang Alang Diffuser 2,200ml! - Ebony

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W: 12cm (4.7")H: 28cm (11")D: 12cm (4.7")

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A luxurious giant Alang Alang diffuser containing over 2litres (2200ml) of high quality oil which is housed in a beautiful ebony coloured glass bottle (slight blue tinge when light shines through) with black reeds, black wooden top and gold top. Presented in a gorgeous gift box.

Made with essential oils from the Alan Alang flower this exotic fragrance has a heady, slightly sweet fragrance with additional hints of jasmine, banana and neroli.

This is unbelievable value for money at just £0.45p per 10ml. 

Stylish simplicity that looks utterly fabulous!