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We truly believe that each and every one of you should be able to have the interior of your dreams. We have set this website up because so many of our customers tell us how difficult it is to find unusual pieces of furniture and/or accessories for their home.  These days if you look carefully enough you can find some fabulously unique fashion pieces that reflect your personality and make you stand out from the crowd - well our thinking is simple... why shouldn't it be the same with your home?  So, with this in mind we hope you will enjoy browsing our online interiors boutique and we hope that by shopping here the best part of going out, really will be coming home!

Here's a little story of how we came about...(for images only, scroll to the bottom)

We are a young vibrant company, with one thing in mind ... and that is to help you achieve the interior of your dreams.

Tracey started the company in 2002, specialising in luxury hand-made curtains, blinds and soft furnishings.  She literally started in her back bedroom at home with a huge work table constructed above the double bed in the spare room.  When guests came to stay, she swapped rooms with them - giving them her room and moving herself into the spare room.  Frequently forgetting where she was and clattering her head on the table above when getting up in the middle of the night!

Two years later in 2004, Tracey moved into a small industrial unit where she revelled in a proper work table with space to walk around.  During this time, she built up a reputation for exquisite hand-made curtains and blinds and also built up accounts with global fabric and design houses.  Very quickly she built up a considerable library of designer fabrics and wallcoverings which she transformed into sumptuous window treatments and rooms adorned with some of the most enviable wall coverings available.

During this time her reputation  grew quickly until she found the work load too much for her little hands! But, so sure she would never find anyone as good as her she continued to work through the night desperately trying to finish projects on time. That was until she was put in touch with (amazing) Grace! To this day, Grace is a fundamental and integral part of the Company.  Traditionally trained and with the same high standards as Tracey herself. Grace is a true craftswoman.  It takes years of training to become as skilled as Grace, but a certain type of person to combine this skill with the necessary patience, dedication, creativity and integrity that comes naturally to Grace. You can tell we love Grace! You will too once you have experienced her work!

In 2008 we grew too big for our little unit and moved into our second shop, which boasted a terrifc view over Edinburgh Castle.  We enjoyed this shop very much, in fact we were there for 10 years.  During our time in our second premsies we of course, enjoyed continued growth and in around about 2014 we decided to expand our services further. Having been continually asked by customers to help style their rooms and suggest furniture and accessory ideas we decided to advance our services by sourcing and providing unusual, quirky and unique furniture and accessories to totally complete their room schemes.  We felt that a lot of the products offered on the high street are very ‘samey’ and lack personality, they are ‘nice’ but not wow!  So, we set about creating accounts with global suppliers of furniture that really stood out in one way or another.  A bit of a cliché, but we really do want to provide you with furniture that reflects your personality and the character of your home. We want to give you ‘WOW’!  Over the past five years this part of our business has taken off in a way we never imagined.  Our home furniture, accessories and gifts is now an extremely popular and successful part of our business.  You can find out more about our interior design and room styling service by CLICKING HERE.

Growth took over again and  so in 2019 we moved into our gorgeous new shop, enjoying a terrific high street location within the historic town of Linlithgow.  If you are able to visit us, you will be able to enjoy a gorgeous coffee or high tea at the many individual cafes or enjoy a bistro lunch or cocktail at a selection of very popular bars and bistros.  In our Linlithgow shop we are able to showcase some of our unique furniture pieces and a lot of the unique home accessories and gifts that you see on our online interiors boutique.

If you ever find yourself looking through a magazine or similar and find a product we don’t have on our website then CONTACT US and we may be able to source it for you at a competitive price.  We have access to literally thousands of products and as our website is new, it is impossible just now to list everything we can supply.

Never hesitate to CONTACT US as we will always be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

Ha! the table above the bed (with my 1yr old at the time)

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