Set of two gold and real marble shelves

Set of two gold and real marble shelves

Code: 107091TVTG


W: 50cm (19.7")H: 90cm (35.4")D: 20cm (7.9")

Only £399.00
Approx' 2 - 3 weeks . Due to Size and Fragility this requires a personal £30 delivery I confirm I am happy with the delivery information quoted aboveQty 

We are very excited about our new gold and marble shelves.  These are going to look absolutely stunning on the wall of your home.  Made from stainless steel, with a gold finish the set comprises of two semi circles which obviously form a full circle - the measurements are for each half.

Place wide apart or with just a tiny gap in between, either way you have a stunning shelving system which to be honest is a feature in itself but of course will display your favourite pieces off to perfection.  The white real marble, contrasts brilliantly against the gold finish and offers an unusual and very effective display system.