Large dark grey willow lantern

Large dark grey willow lantern

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H: 69cm (27.2")Di: 42cm (16.5")

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A gorgeous shaped dark grey willow lantern.  Looks wonderful either side of doorways and entrances, or singularly almost anywhere in the home!  The internal glass cylinder enables either a real of LED candle to be placed inside and it looks lovely in the evenings with the flicker of a candle flame.  These look fabulous outside too, but we would recommend taking them in, in the evening or storing them in a shed or similar.  There is a smaller version and the two look fabulous when grouped together!

Please bear in mind when ordering that this is a unique hand painted, hand made item which boast the craft of the artisan that made it. Each piece, therefore is unique in its appearance but you should be aware that they are rustic and do have a rustic finish.